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Dr. Robert Weaver - Chair of the Board / CEO PDF Print E-mail
Robert Weaver was brought up to value the environment that sustains us all. His upbringing helped solidify Dr. Weaver’s respect for nature. An outdoorsman and naturalist, Dr. Weaver developed a relationship with the springs, rivers and coastal waters of the SE United States and realizes the need to maintain the quality of these essential resources in order to have thriving communities. Spending time living outside the United States, Dr. Weaver gained a world view on development and conservation. 

Mr. Weaver has an extensive educational background:
  • Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a minor in physics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Masters of Science degree in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering from the University of Florida Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering
  • Ph. D.  in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering from the University of Florida Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering

Between degrees, Dr. Weaver spent 2 years in Connecticut, working at a local newspaper and teaching at a local high school.  While in Connecticut, Dr. Weaver organized a community wide clean up of the local parks, rivers and streams.  It was in Connecticut where Dr. Weaver recognized the importance of raising social awareness within one’s own community.
In addition to his research, Dr. Weaver worked two years for one of the largest global engineering firms, URS Corps. The work with URS Corps brought Dr. Weaver to the realization that local communities in the United States have a need for science-based guidance during engineering and development projects.

“There are a number of groups that offer sustainable consulting services  internationally to under-developed countries, but very few that offer these services right here in our own communities” .
-Robert Weaver, Ph.D.

In late 2007, Dr. Weaver founded a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote environmentally sound engineering, business and development practices. His love of the ocean, nature and science brought Robert to this point in his life, and will continue to drive the decisions he makes.

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